by Tim Blane

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released July 1, 2007

Tim Blane- Guitar, Vocals
Adam Olenn- Bass
James Williams- Drums
Daniel Clarke- Keys
JD Kuhl- Sax
John D’Earth- Trumpet
Jessie Harper- Vocals, arranging
Mark Goldenberg- Guitar
Jenny Vasquez- Vocals
Chris Keup- Producer
Stewart Myers- Engineer and Mixer
Fred Kevorkian- Mastering



all rights reserved


Tim Blane Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Clockwork
Isn’t it always like a window shade went up
When you look out on the love that’s come and gone
But thinking of old days is a refilled coffee cup
It smells so nice but tends to get you burned

And even when I’ve tried the lonely road
I always end up sticking out my thumb
And even when I think that I’ve struck gold
The cycle just repeats itself again

If my baby says she needs you- send her back to me
But if she says that can’t leave you- it wasn’t meant to be
Cause if my love life runs like clockwork I’d assume:
Since it’s been two years this June,
I guess somebody’s gonna break my heart soon

It was caution be damned when I sunk my teeth on in
There’s no time for wrong when it feels right
As I understand it- it’s hard to be strong when
The marks show it was me who got the bite

And even when I’ve tried the cautious path
I always take the shortest when it comes
And even when I think love’s gonna last
The only thing I’m left with is the makings of a song

I’m falling all over, my face in the dirt
You’d think I wouldn’t get back up for more
Feel drunk but I’m sober, I’ll ignore the hurt
Is my heart a glutton or a whore?
Track Name: Tennessee
She goes fishing with a little bit of line
Bouncing all around in time
Making the boys go, “My, my, my.”

She keeps smiling as she singing right along
Traces of a black dress on
Making the wives go, “Why, why, why?”

Acts so shy- gets your temperature rising
But behind those eyes, she’s sizing up the scene…

The minute she wants to she turns it on
And does it in ways so that we don’t think it’s wrong
Instead, we all grin, shake our heads, and agree-
That’s just like Tennessee

She knows how to get you feeling insane
Might forget your own damn name
When you’re around her- and that’s ok

Cause even if she turns your tongue into a knot
She keeps in mind that what she’s got
Is ready to, one day, fade away

She know all the dirty secrets in the room
Cause everybody just assumes
Spilling it all out will get them close
Track Name: Me Being Me
We’re not that far along
So we put on a face
To get the point across we’re stable

Cause at the start of something
There are different ways
To keep the quirks hidden under the table

So if I ever get strange, my love
And start to mess it up
Please stick around- that’s just me being me
And if I ever get strange, my love
(way past the point you’re thinking of)
Please stick around- that’s just me being me
Yeah, that’s just me being me

I guess I know the fall out
That could take place
If it gets a little real too quickly
So now I’d like to point out
What’s at stake
If you’re thinking that you already get me

Say the word, and I’ll let you
Look at my cards and see what you’re dealt
I know you would if you could
But I’m thinking you might not be able to live with yourself
Track Name: Undone
I wear a piece of you curved on my finger
On an otherwise plain left hand
It was the least I knew of how to remember
The place that I began

I don’t know if I should listen to logic or lose it
I know it’s just a symbol, but still…

I’m grown up somehow
I may not be the prodigal son
But don’t look now
I’m finally starting to come undone

I felt the piece of you snap under pressure
When I opened up my fist
First thing I thought of was how it would upset you
If you were here to witness this

I don’t know if I just take it for granted, But I’m used
to feeling more together than right now
Track Name: So Life
I like to think I’ve got the whole world figured out
The thought lasts a second or two
Then I remember even doubt hangs around to creep in my dreams

Six Novembers in a row this fall
I pick apart the things that I do
But right before I end up swallowed by it all
I say to myself

So life- it’s not like you had planned
You’re probably not the only one.
But it seems like the craziest demand
To wish it to be nearly done
So take all the stumbles and the stains
And thank them for their time
Cause they make the good stuff feel divine

I might go wading in a pool of ‘what if’
The water’s warm- I dive straight in
And touch the bottom with my hands for a bit
and hold my breath

It takes a while to feel my lungs give a tug-
And I don’t like to swim
So it’s back up beyond the surface again-
I take in all the air, and say,

Only when the odds are against you
And clawing away your pride
Do you take a glance at the song and dance
You’ve been playing all this time

I write the words down but they don’t sink in
Stay strong, you’re doing alright
The words repeating till my head’s in spin
It all takes time
Track Name: Lullaby for Later
Any other autumn I’d be awash with plans for me
But right now I really oughtta think down the road a year or three

Cause my long list of things to do
Will shrink when I’m introduced to you

When the weight of the world feels endless
Listen and pretend this is me singing you to sleep
If the thought of it all consumes you,
I hope that this might soothe you
Cause baby we haven’t met yet- but you’ve already crossed my mind

I’ve only been around a while, so my best advice to you
Life is better when you smile before you sleep whole night through

Yes our days our numbered, and we can’t rewind
But with every slumber comes a pause in time, so
Track Name: Tune In
This I’ve learned of love
You’ve gotta dig in, dig in, and give your teeth a grind
And therein lies the rub
You get a little fed up and call it fixing time

But all the brawls aside
Is there a better set up pair of fools than us?
So make up with a smile
We can put up and just enjoy the fun and fuss

If it ain’t broke now, don’t fix it, Love
Cause it ain’t worthwhile to go patching up the holes
That we tear Just to say, “look how we communicate”
If it ain’t broke now, Don’t fix it

It’s not set in stone
We’ve gotta clean up enough to make us seem polite
I think we’ve outgrown
This little state of denial that needs us pacified

We get kind of accustomed
To thinking we’re done for, when we let it out
It’s just a minor adjustment
To let it boil and cool again
Track Name: When I Dream
You wonder how to talk to me
When I’m silent and in need of some time off from you
I know how fickle I can be
We fight all night, then I’ve heard enough,
and you still want to talk
But don’t worry baby, cause

I don’t forget you when I sleep
I know I take things cautiously
But it’s not all games and bizarre fantasies
Cause I take you with me,
I take you with me when I dream

I’m trying to find a peace of mind
That can only come when I slide off to sleep and I know
When morning rolls around you’ll find
That I’ve become a better man for working things out,
But it doesn’t have to be right now

I don’t know why
You think I know what I’m supposed to say to you
But to feign a reply
Is every bit as good as trying to sort it out with four letter words
Track Name: Let's Lay Low
You’ve got your good shoes on
The ones you wear just to tell the other girls
That your sense of fashion’s keen,
As you descend upon the scene

But kick them off for now
I don’t know why but I’m hoping that tonight
We could leave the fast lane out
And leave impressions on the couch

Don’t you wish that we could slip
Into the kind of buzz that only comes from Sunday afternoons
We’ll wave good night
To the crowds, the lines, and the lights
And it may not be that cool, but it’s just my style…
Honey, let’s lay low for a while.

Please don’t get me wrong
I’m not averse to a painting of the town
It’s a fun and worthy cause
Bouncing on and off the walls
But here’s another thought
That there are worse things than throwing in the towel
And working our way through
Whatever bottle smiles at you

Call me what you like, if it calms you down inside
I’m a blanket full of water, I’m a bore
But give it a little time- I’ll make it worth your while
You’ll be calling out for just a little more…

Best of all my dear
We’ll dim the room while the radio is on
And you can slowly put to use
Your favorite dancing shoes
Track Name: Half Of It
It’s guess work, it’s child’s play, but frustrates you when
You sense it, it passes and won’t come back again
You think you can taste it, an answer maybe two
Until your shouting at the sky for a signal of what to do

You feel like some days it hurts to pray
But you don’t know the half of it
Making too much noise to listen for the call back
So give God a break
Cause even if he answers you
I think you might not hear the phone ring anyway

The mind tricks, the eyes fool, the ears play along
When you’re asking for fixes to everything that’s wrong
Persistence is worth it, but listen as well
Cause you can’t hear back if you’re only inclined to yell

Even good intentions
Will leave you feeling left out
If you never take time off
Track Name: Once And Future King
Stuck inside a sunken leather chair
Thoughts of whiskey everywhere- forgive me
As sound of mind as a drunken weatherman
That holds his hands up in the air
And says it’s raining

I’m eager to recreate the place that I was in ,
And the feeling that it’s too late has not yet settled in

Frozen like photographs
But still, life’s an hourglass,
Can I reach past this in-between?
A once a future king of all the things I used be

Tasted just a touch of confidence
In late December, ’99- if briefly
Don’t know if it really made much sense
But nice to know there was a time it teased me

I’m letting the sunlight hit closed eyelids and fade red
Unsettling contrast to the shade that’s in my head

Thinking through a sullen, distant stare
Letting all the ticking clocks- Assist me
Wrapped up in the fear of “Buyer beware”
Things to say but not until I stop resisting
Track Name: Just the Way
Shadows tend to grow where the sun is just too slow
to send em back
And the company they keep always lets them creep
through the cracks
In the words of the wise- avert your eyes for now

Life is too unknown- get through it on your own
Or not at all
Cause everything you need and the chance that you’ll succeed
Are just as small
If the world goes mad, well that’s just too bad

There goes love- caught in the corner with no sign of
Breaking its way through the crowd
Waiting to beat it back down
It’s just the way, just the way,
Just the way things are done here.

When I was a boy I managed to avoid the shady truth
That all the stuff you learn and all the things you earn
Are of little use
Is the world that bleak, or just asleep?

But oh- now and again-
Fate turns on the lights
The sun starts to ascend
Forming day out of the night
And all the storms and the sins
Get a taste of their own bite

There goes love- leaving in the corner and caked in blood
But making its way through the crowd
Turning them all upside down