by Tim Blane

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released July 1, 2009

Tim Blane- Guitar, Vocals
James Williams- Drums
Reuben Cainer- Bass
Paul Wolstencroft- Keys
Adam Tressler- Guitar
James Casey- Sax, Vocals
Matt Owens- Trumpet
Derrick White- Trombone
Chris Keup- Producer
Stewart Myers- Producer, Engineer
Jeff Lipton- Mastering
Maria Rice- Assistant Mastering Engineer



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Tim Blane Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: New Favorite Band
We piled our bags in the back of a dented pastel rented Ford
And headed south on 95
Each mile was just as bad, I looked back while you looked bored
And I thought of a way to keep this ride alive…

So it’s you, me, and my new favorite band
And I knew you were hooked when the first song began
And though it seems we can’t agree on faith, politics or MTV
I’m so glad you understand my new favorite band

Then you cried at the drive-in flick that I think you’d seen 3 times before
And thought I’d follow suit
I tried but it would not stick, cause the plot was dumb and the acting poor
So instead of the awkward silence I just hit play

Your philosophy is a collection of your favorite quotes
It’s a mystery how we ever even got this close
Track Name: Right There With You
Feel a tug on my tie
you snuck up behind and
loosened it
Now I'm losing it

Then you slipped right past
Pretended to fill up your glass
and smiled at me
Wish it was time to leave

I'm reading your mind
signal across the room
lets get out here
And I'm right there with you

We'll do whatever you like
Make it a midnight date
and I can't wait til you're all alone and
I'm right there with you

Gonna be a long ride home
Cause I know what you got on
And what you don't
But the night's still young

So for now I’ll just stare
While every flick of your hair
Is teasing me
Not so secretly

We’ve got plenty of time to make our move
You’re just stoking the fire in high-heeled shoes
And I’m thinking of ways to keep my cool
Cause it’s only a matter of moments that drive me wild
Track Name: New Dance
The kids don't mess around
Got a new dance, got a new dance
It’s a twist on the same old sound
Got a new dance, got a new dance
It’s a shame you haven’t seen it yet
Cause you can do it even if you never met
Cause it’s better with someone you’ll forget
Gotta New Dance Gotta New dance

Straight to the point and easy on the eyes
Only thing that’s shocking is it ain’t a big surprise
When the kids start going to the sound of the DJ booth

Grind, baby, grind- they’ve got step in their spring
Looks a little dirty but it’s no big thing
You can try to separate em but believe me there’s just no use

They grab who they want and don’t think twice
Why bother with a handshake to feel this nice
There’s a new way to get down and it’s on your feet

Two maybe three- four’s not a crowd
There’s no conversation in a place this loud
Cause your hearts pumping twice as fast as the system’s beat

Feels so good, they don’t care who’s watching
If they could, they’d never try to stop it
Misunderstood cause of thinking from 1953
Track Name: How Did I Get Here
The foolish and the brave will give the same advice
Leap before you look anywhere
And they’re probably right, or at least are excitedly dumb

Delusion is a pretty nice paradise
But you pay the price when you come to
But the tickets are cheap and the fall isn’t steep when you’re young

So how did I get here?
Surprised, surprised am I
Beginning to feel fear for that distant mistress: time
How do I look? How do sound? Cause I know that I’ll only be here til I ask again…
“How did I get here? “

The sturdiest of ground will still give way
If the frequency lines up right
And the footing you choose or the size of your shoes won’t change that

The thirtieth around the corner any day
Creeping up, try as I might
There’s a chance I could lose all the circular blues that I’ve had

It’s true that nothing ever lasts
It’s true, the green fades off the grass
The future’s soon the past
But it’s nice to stop and ask
Track Name: Selline
Selline I heard em say you drink too much and didn’t turn out right
They call you just a walking, talking disappointment to your face
Selline your dirty mouth’s a well thought out precursor to a fight
I think your fools are stuck in fantasies of better time and place

They keep telling you just walk it off, yeah walk it off
When life drags you down and skins your knees
And all you ever say to them is knock it off, yeah knock it off
Selline I get you
Even if your mama don’t
Selline I
Love I’ve got a lover with a backbone

Selline I can’t believe they haven’t done the math on you by now
Confusing passion for a misbehaving gutless ingrate
Selline a change of scene wouldn’t even make them start to doubt
The odds are stacked against them ever looking past the things they hate

I can safely say that I
Can fill the space they left inside
Cause the stakes are way too high

Selline I can’t decide the side of you I tend to love the best
Your fire, your hips, your tireless quips, or when you’re inclined to undress