In The Meantime

by Tim Blane

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released April 1, 2005

Tim Blane- Guitar, Vocals
Stewart Myers- Bass
Jimmy Collins- Drums
Brian Jones- Drums
Daniel Clarke- Keys
Charles Arthur- Guitar
Rex Richardson- Trumpet
Chris Keup- Producer
Stewart Myers- Engineer and Mixer
Fred Kevorkian- Mastering



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Tim Blane Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Fan of Your Eyes
Bits of me come flooding back when I
See you’re watching, giving my look reply
It’s enough to feed me for a day
You should know your smile’s a cabaret

Pardon me, little darling
I don’t mean to pry
Pardon me, for the staring

But when I catch myself
Lost in you
I look a little longer than you want me to
I hope you know I don’t mean to intrude-
I’m just a fan of your eyes

Think I missed it
When you blinked just now
That’s alright, I’ll catch it next time round
It’s enough to keep me frozen still
You should know you’ve got me under your spell

Turn around, and put your back to the world at large
Track Name: In The Meantime
Get a look at me, cheeks glow like the ocean:
they’re soaking wet
Every time that we break up it’s a moment I can’t forget

And I know that things get out of control,
And I know our fights get me too upset
But for now, I’ll wait, and keep up my composure,
Cause I can’t bear for you to win

Baby in the meantime I’ll be living seaside,
Thinking that the high tide will wash you away
Finally have a sense of how you made a mess of
all of my emotions. Needless to say
I won’t be sad (sad, sad) in the meantime

Not enough to say you’re fighting to get closer to sanity
That’s not want I want, don’t need to be a soldier,
to be with me

And I know you have the best of intent,
And I know that time, well it heals everything,
But for now I’ll wait and it won’t get me down
While you get all your shit sorted out…

In the meantime, I’ll find
Something in the sea to come
Replace these small crimes of
Stealing all my peace of mind
It’s strange how even
The waves all float away but come back like you
Track Name: Good Luck
Willy left home late that night to nurse his bruised up ego and black eye
He walked until he found his cool and turned back tell his baby it’s alright

Found his buddy Bobby staring out from his own bed
Looked his bare-backed wife in the eyes and said
Good luck to both of you

Willy sold his car to find a house up in the burbs all by himself
Had no way to get around so mainly he just drank away his health

His mother called him every day, told him he was incomplete
She said” I’ve been married 30 years why can’t you be like me?” Willy said
“I guess you and my silent Dad were meant to be”
Good luck to both of you

He’s looking for his soul
Thinks it’s a pot of gold
That he can find if he wants it bad enough

Willy went to the corner store a loaded 44 was in his hand
Had an angel and a devil sitting on his shoulders checking out his plan

The devil on his left is saying that he’d never tell
The angel says, “Boy, don’t do that or you might go to hell, “Willy says
“You can sort it out if you two know so well!”
Good luck to both of you

Willy sits back in his cell and wonders how his story’s gonna end
He looks at his new roommate Ray and thinks well hey. it’s nice to make new friends
Ray is in for arson, says he’ll leave in 3 to 5
Willy’s in cause a store clerk is no longer alive
They both laugh till the warden comes, turns off the lights, and says
Good luck to both of you
Track Name: Drifting and Driving
We got everything that we’d ever want,
Packed in a knapsack
And I’ve got everything that I ever need
Sitting in the seat beside me

Have you ever noticed,
I can’t drive with both hands,
when you’re sitting on the right?
In and out of focus, your eyes and headlights,
Mixing in my mind

Drifting and Driving, clear after midnight
Drifting and driving away
Drifting and driving, safe from the daylight
Drifting and driving away, driving away

Didn’t ever think it would come to me
Riding through snowfall
But she is everything a girl should ever be
And a little bit more so
Track Name: That Way
When you come rolling on in,
sticking out a wave and holding up a suitcase
Time bends and slows just enough
that I can get the sense that it’ll be a good day

But I think to myself, you’re only thinking of me
When you’re on your way over,
but that all stops when you leave

You will find me in the same broken place
That you left me in- half a smile on my face
And when you’re here it feels worth the wait
But it hurts when you turn back for home
Cause you don’t love me that way

When you go rolling on out,
sticking out a wave and fixing up your makeup
I can’t help but to feel
a little bit lost and a little bit dumbstruck.

I just hope there’s something
that you’ve got going on when you leave
that’s better than me, cause it kills me to see
that you’re better with me
Track Name: Firecracker
There’s no light on a firecracker-less night
Longing for the fourth of July
Back when we all were alive

Spread there in fields of families and good cheer
Blankets full of hope and cold beer
Looking up for a while

Every morning I arise and see your faces in the mirror looking back but it’s not quite enough
But later I can take a walk and see the traces of your touch when the sun has disappeared

I’m not asking why, early goodbyes have left their darkness on me
Your eternal light, fills up the sky,
kind of reminds me of the 4th of July

So far, pain has been the symbol of fate
It’s softer than the whisper of rain
Somehow it screams in my ears

I wish I could hear the firecrackers in bang
Children laughing, sparklers in hand
They’ve forgotten their tears

So come back, save the firecracker-less night,
Take me to a hill where we’ll lie
And watch the man made stars
Track Name: Crazy
You don’t seem to care about
the careful lunatic that I’ve become
Doesn’t scare you off
We all fight our little wars,
and mine’s a little quieter than the rest
Doesn’t piss you off

I push me up the wall where I can’t breathe

I’m not wild but I’m crazy
But I like that you don’t try to save me
I’m not wild but I’m crazy, crazy

Used to let things get to me,
I’d blow up at the first friend that I’d see
Think I’ve toned it down
Now my eccentricities,
take the place of all that empty rage
But you are not afraid

I listen to the way you listen to me

I’m not lying, just to be good for you
I’m just trying to be

Isn’t everybody here prone to wildness every now and then
But you don’t need that in me

You never second guess my tendencies
Track Name: How It Goes
And I can taste the way she looked at me and said, “It’ll be ok.”
And there’s a point when you can only look back,
try to smile and say ok

She knows how to push me on my heels and dance away
Feels slow now, time as it slips by
And I think she’s not so wrong- I better move on
Awaiting an about-face from her

I need to stay, I guess that’s how it goes
She rolls away, I guess that’s how it goes
And even if she gets the best of me
I guess that how it goes, for now

And I suppose it is this thing we call desire that gets in the way
But after all these years of holding her-
I would never give it away

She knows how to push me on my heels and dance away
Feels slow now- time without her here

I can’t imagine anything better than losing my mind
With a good old fashion remedy of song
Track Name: What Do We Do Now?
Got a girl who’s good to me, a beauty from Nebraska
Her folks don’t like the thought of me around
Think I’d like to marry her, but I’ll probably never ask her
Lord, what do we do now?

She’s a little immature, but it doesn’t seem to phase her
Likes to eat dessert before her steak
Daddy gets her what she wants, that’s the way he raised her
Lord what do we do now

There’s a lot of good that comes
From seeking out the truthful one
To try to understand her tendencies
But it hit me like a ton of bricks, there ain’t that much for me to fix
So Lord I’ll just be glad that she’s with me.

We go walking through the park, it’s raining on a Friday
There’s a little puddle smiling at our feet
She thinks I’ll lay my coat on top, but baby, that ain’t my way
Lord what do we do now?

My baby knows I love her cause she makes my life exciting
Anything she wants she knows I’ll try
But every now and then I think she knows she’s out of my league
Lord what do we do now
Track Name: Bad Beer and Chips
One o’clock strikes down like you must have arranged it
We’re living on bad beer and chips, cause that hasn’t changed yet
Looking around, on the ground, in the couch for coins,
to thicken my pocket
And even the sound of the ding of the microwave
can make me feel right again

Living this way,
Cause we all think we’re never gonna have to grow up
Living this way
Cause we all think that half the battle is to show up

And even if times likes these come back to bite us
We’re living the pipe dreams of the voices inside us
Walking around in the town with the people passing by,
Like they know everything
Keeping us down with the style and the distance of their sad looks,
Like they own everything
I don’t think they do

I don’t ever have to worry about you moving on without me
I don’t ever have to think about you taking off
I don’t ever have to worry cause we’re happy here