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Two years out- shuffle in his step
He figures time spent drunk ain’t the same as time wasted
So Willie is a bottle thief

Two kids now, wishing Willie dead
And if the measure of a man’s how he stands up to face it
I guess that’s just a little too deep

Lies when he wants, tries what he wants
If you told him it was right, he’d run the other way
Takes what he needs, smiles when he bleeds
If you asked him why, he would probably say

What good’s the world if I can’t have obsessions?
Demons get bored when you hide them inside
I promise that one day I’ll kneel for confession
But until I get renewed,
Tell me what I’ve gotta do- to find a little bit of mischief

Not his style, living in a state
Where there’s a line in the sand and he can’t ever cross it
So Willie knows its fair to cheat

And meanwhile figures that it’s fate
To be defined by aversion to rules and exhaust it
Before he hits the bigger sleep

Life moves slowly when you’re good all the time
The price is only that your soul gets misaligned
The right way to go is having a good time


from You Can't Go Back, released June 1, 2011



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Tim Blane Los Angeles, California

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